v1.0 - End-game gameplay now in place! How will you get more seeds?

It took some extra time, but I'm happy to say I've added all the envisioned gameplay into Out of Clay!

Now, when you enter the phase after cultivation, where the seeds grow and you plant them, only the sticks you've burnt become fertile soil from where seeds will grow. This means there are fewer seeds than places you must plant trees now... hmm. How will you acquire more seeds? Hopefully you can puzzle it out from the resources you're provided.

In addition to the change to gameplay, there's a bit of polish added in this update: the camera now centers on the last tree during the game end scene. Yay polish!

This will probably be the end of updates for this game, unless any bugs come to light. Thanks everybody for the feedback and encouragement during development! Cheers!


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Version 1.0 Nov 23, 2018
Windows (ZIP) 12 MB
Version 1.0 Nov 23, 2018
macOS (ZIP) 14 MB
Version 1.0 Nov 23, 2018
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Version 1.0 Nov 23, 2018

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this was really cool!

Thank you for playing! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it!