v0.1 - Rocks and Sticks work on the web, polished the ending

Thanks to some feedback from friends, I was able to fix a few bugs I didn't find testing. In particular:

  1. The "rock + stick = ax" mechanic works in the web version now (and the rocks and sticks land properly now). You can imagine what ax plus tree equals (if you hadn't already tried it).
  2. The game-end sequence is polished up so that you can't force the shutter animation off center.

And as a general bit of polish, the game-end sequence triggers when the last tree is planted rather than when it grows. It then grows at an accelerated rate while the player auto-moves to a good spot to wave to the player before the shutter the plays. The intentions of this change are the following:

  • It should now be more obvious now what caused the game to end.
  • The experience of seeing the last tree grows should be more rewarding than the game ending on an otherwise arbitrary scene.

I do still plan on adding the additional gameplay in the final stage. More on that when that patch goes live! Thanks so much to everybody who has played Out of Clay and and to everybody who left feedback!

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For the record, I reuploaded the web version with a handful of added "floor(...)" calls because it turns out the GameMaker HTML5 export doesn't have true integers. This led to a bug in the web version where, after planting the last tree, Blobert would just stand and wave for eternity while the trigger for the shutter animation never technically occurred. Well, now I know for next time! Cheers!