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In Omen, the end of the world has been foretold. In the 20th age, doom will fall on the land, and all who cannot fight the darkness will be consumed. 

Now, this is normally the part where you play as some hero who is tasked or fated with finding the Holy Plot Device of Antioch, but that's where Omen is different.  In this game, all you get to do is move resources around. The factions, and their destiny, all fall out from your choices, but you are none of them. Ages and factions will come and go, but will any survive what the Omen portends?

This game prototype was made in the week from Jan 20 to Jan 26, 2019. 

All the Esoteric Stuff You Should Learn

(Here be spoilers, as a warning for those that would rather figure out the mysteries on their own.)

  • Click the red, double-headed arrows to swap resources. You get two swaps per age, and your first swap affects what your second swap is allowed to be.
  • There are two types of resources: forests and rivers. They aren't accumulated specifically, but indirectly lead to growth.
  • Around the five resource points are the five settlements--two are settled to start. There are two types of settlement: town and city.
  • Every settlement belongs to a faction. The faction names are listed in the sidebar near the top.
  • Each settlement has two scores: economy and culture. Economy is used for expansion and war, culture affects how factions splinter and a thing that's discussed later.
  • What the factions plan to do, along with what they have done, is detailed in the sidebar.
  • A settlement's economy goes up based on the number of types of resources that are adjacent.
  • A settlement's culture goes up one each turn. (Some bonuses can be earned.)
  • Factions redistribute their scores a little bit each age depending on how their settlements are laid out. 
  • Cities can expand to new territory and war with other settlements, but towns cannot.
  • Factions prefer empty spots, then spots with varied resources when planning expansion. They will also fight for already occupied land.
  • War compares the attacker's economy to the defender's plus half of one neighboring ally's (if applicable). Ties go to the defender. Both attackers and defenders can be wiped out by a war's outcome. A conquered, surviving settlement is captured--it becomes part of the attacker's faction.
  • Warring costs culture, and if culture goes to zero, the settlement dissolves.
  • When settlements are destroyed they leave behind a ruin. Ruins that aren't settled on are first hidden, then lost completely. The "R" next to a settlement indicates the ruin and its state.
  • When a settlement is built on a ruin, the settlement gets bonus culture points every age, until the culture well is used up. This well is generally the culture score of the settlement that left the ruin behind.
  • If a settlement remains under one faction's control for a long time, and maintains a high culture score, they will craft and/or be able to use an artifact!
  • Settlements with artifacts will leave them behind if wiped out. If the ruins are settled, the new settlement gets the artifact, but might not be able to use it yet.
  • The white ankh near a settlement means they have an artifact. the grey means they could use one, but don't have it. The illuminated ankh means the settlement can use the artifact they have!
  • Artifacts are the key to a faction's survival in the final age!


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looks fun ill try it out!!

Thanks! Let me know what you think after!