Second Age of EverWound is a 2D exploration game where you navigate both wilderness and city by way of parallax and other visual information on your hunt for answers regarding the fate of your parents. You will transform the world as you traverse it, leaving your indelible mark on the places and people you encounter, searching for truth everywhere from the town square to the living tower on the mountain!

The game is still in the prototype stage. I'm fleshing out the base mechanics and looking for feedback. Try it out and tell me what you think! Thanks!

[Link to the feedback survey]

About the Prototype

The prototype here is the staging ground for the mechanics of the game--making sure it's fun and honing in on what it's all about. 

The look is certainly going to change; it might remain properly 2D with pixel art, or it might go some other direction. This depends on who ultimately ends up doing the art and whether the 2D art works to clearly convey the game.

The narrative content is a small part of what will be a much larger story, so it is naturally missing some of the context. Basically, there's some major stage setting before you even get to the Western Wood, like what the mechanism is and why you need it. All of that will, of course, be in the full game.

You can read more about the missing context in the dev log, if you're curious. My aim was that the prototype should be fun and representative of the game's mechanics, but not requiring a huge amount of exposition. However much you decide to read up in the dev logs or just play the prototype, thanks for checking it out!

The prototype is distributed under the CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 License

Prototype Controls

  • Left and right arrows/A and D: move the player
  • Up arrow/W: look up
  • Spacebar: interact (talk, search, etc.)
  • Escape: open or close the letter (basically pause the game)
  • I: toggle input display [NEW in v0.0.4]
  • R: start and stop the input recorder [NEW in v0.0.4]


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Windows (Prototype) 11 MB
Version 0.0.5
macOS (Prototype) 13 MB
Version 0.0.5
Linux (Prototype) 11 MB
Version 0.0.5

Development log

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