EverWound is on hold for now while I continue to develop and support Convergence Compulsion. If you like bleeps, bloops, colors, and fast-paced action, check it out!

(Still looking to work with an artist on this though. See below.)

Second Age of EverWound is a 2D exploration game where you navigate both wilderness and city by way of parallax and other visual information on your hunt for answers regarding the fate of your parents. You will transform the world as you traverse it, leaving your indelible mark on the places and people you encounter, searching for truth everywhere from the town square to the living tower on the mountain!

The game is under active development, but all that is currently playable is the prototype. I've got most of the key systems in place, so now it's just filling in the whole game thing--narrative, NPCs, puzzles, and all that. Still give the prototype a try, if you haven't, and let me know what you think on the survey! You can read some more about that here. Thanks in advance!

 The prototype is distributed under the CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 License

Looking for Artist(s)

I'm currently the only person working on the game, but am deeply interested in joining forces with one or more artists to bring the game a better look than I could ever hope to. It'd be 2D art,  any style, as long as it enhances the mood that the world and story aim to create: wandering, wondering, pensive. If you're interested in working on the game and are willing to do so for a share of the revenue it might generate, then email me or get in touch some other way. Cheers!


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Windows (Prototype) 11 MB
Version 0.0.5
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Version 0.0.5
Linux (Prototype) 11 MB
Version 0.0.5

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