v2.1.3 - Web demo is back!

The web demo is back and updated to reflect the tweaked visuals and new menu/buttons. I did figure out what was wrong with the shaders then: Web GL was disabled. Doh.

To be fair, I had an at-the-time good reason for doing that. The demo was experiencing a weird text-drawing issue with Web GL enabled, and some very old forum posts suggested to disable Web GL. Please with the fix, I went ahead and moved on from the issue.

Not having shaders in the demo just wouldn't do though, so I looked into it further. The text drawing aberration only occurred on the title screen, and only on the segments of the text motion that weren't the game title: MATCH COLORS, DODGE OBSTACLES, etc. The key difference of course is the font size--or in GameMaker, the font object itself. (Each size of one face you want to use is still a separate object you must create.) Troubleshooting would have at least a simple starting point: draw all the text in the title room with the bigger font.

Surprise, the text being draw was actually "MATCH COLORS!"; a whole extra character was there. It turns out that in a GameMaker-made game, if you use Web GL to draw a string and you didn't put all the characters in that string into your font (you can pick just the ranges you need, like numbers for a score), that it fails a lot less gracefully than on the other platforms. The fix was simple enough, add the missing character (exclamation point) to the font spec in GameMaker and swap back to that font for those drawing steps. Turns out the exclamation point in the font (Wendy) is kind of out-of-character, so I ended up nixing it from the string table altogether.

Fun stuff. Anyway, the game is still on sale through Nov 4, 2018, and now that you can actually check out the updated visuals in browser for free, I hope you'll try it out. All money raised in this sale will benefit Children's Hospital of Philadelphia via Extra Life. More info on the sale page.

Thanks for playing!

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