v2.0.0 - rescaled graphics, options screen, and a charity sale!

After way too long away, I'm excited to present the rescaled version of the game! Visuals are now a lot cleaner, and the addition of buttons and menus feels a lot more natural as a result. 

With those buttons come some new screens: How to Play and Options. The How to Play screen just holds a text description of how to play, while the Options screen includes just two for now: toggles for music and sound effects. These come ahead of several other planned options including toggling rumble and play speed.

While I'm very happy with this update, I would say it's not even the cool part! There's two events coming up:

  1. itch's site-wide Halloween sale, because what's a better treat than paying less for fun games?
  2. Extra Life's Game Day, the main event in their year-round fundraising effort for CMN Hospitals.

For Extra Life, I'm going to be playing games for 24 hours, starting on Nov 3 at 8am. Through the end of the marathon, Convergence Compulsion is going to be $1! What's more!? That dollar--and all the dollars made on the sale--goes straight to Extra Life, that is, to CMN Hospitals and helping heal sick kids!

Read more about the sale on the sale page, and more about the marathon on my Extra Life page.

Thanks for playing!


Android Package (.APK) 11 MB
Version 2.0.0 Oct 18, 2018
Windows Portable (.ZIP) 6 MB
Version 2.0.0 Oct 18, 2018
Windows Installer (.ZIP) 19 MB
Version 2.0.0 Oct 18, 2018
Linux Portable (.ZIP) 6 MB
Version 2.0.0 Oct 18, 2018
Mac OSX Portable (.ZIP) 11 MB
Version 2.0.0 Oct 18, 2018

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