State of the Game: some overhauls ahead of Google Play release

A while ago I said I'd be adding an options menu and getting the game along with releasing on new platforms. That's all still happening, but there's a couple of other things to come first to make the game the best it can be. In particular, I'm going to be rescaling the game visually; I'm going to knock the res down to 640x360. This multiplies up to 720 and 1080p easily, and also makes the web version of the game more accessible on more devices. 

The rescale means redoing all the sprite work I've already completed on the options screen. The visuals are all simple, like the rest of the game's look, but they started to expose some inconsistencies in the approach I had take with the game overall. Nailing down a "true" resolution is going to help nail down some of the other aspects of the design, so I am excited to get the rescale done. These shots below shouldn't change much in the rescale and basically sum up how push and toggle buttons will work in the game. 


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