A delay & a bit of a change of direction

This past week, I was implementing an options menu for the game. The more and more I did, the more and more wanted to refine the overall visual design of the game--like, before I would go and put a whole new menu and options system in. July is almost here, which is when I wanted to hit 1.0. The options all have workarounds, like turning down the device volume, so I want to put off the options menu and visual redux until after I finish adding power-ups. 

What that means for the game, and working this week, is that the final power-up will be in, and we'll call that the 1.0 version. 1.1 will likely be the visual change, and then 1.2 and on will be the option screen and whatever options get implemented. I am also planning on delaying release on other distribution channels until at least the visual redux is done. This might mean delays on the Play Store, App Store and Steam releases. 

Looking forward to making this game the best it can be, whatever it takes. Thanks for playing!


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