v0.10.0: Local high score tracking!

This week was a bit of a mess away from my dev desk, so just one new feature. I think you'll quite enjoy keeping track of your high scores though! This works on all platforms without any extra permissions required. Scores are local to the device (and user account, on desktop).

The high score appears above your current score and below the next-power-up text. When you reach your new goal it will flash with a rainbow border. When you eventually game-over, the game congratulates you with a colorful banner and sound effect.

Post up screenshots of your best scores--and your biggest improvements! I'm curious where the "walls" are in terms of progression.

This week is all about the options screen that got put off from last week. Music, SFX, rumble, and eventually game speed will be configurable.

Side note: you'll notice the demo on v0.10.1; something about the itch web-wrapping code made the high score come up as "NaN" (not a number). So I patched the display to just advertise the feature. Hoping to figure that one out soon.

Thanks for playing!



Android Package (.APK) 11 MB
Version 0.10.0 Jun 17, 2018
Windows Portable (.ZIP) 6 MB
Version 0.10.0 Jun 17, 2018
Windows Installer (.ZIP) 19 MB
Version 0.10.0 Jun 17, 2018
Linux Portable (.ZIP) 6 MB
Version 0.10.0 Jun 17, 2018
Mac OSX Portable (.ZIP) 11 MB
Version 0.10.0 Jun 17, 2018

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