Convergence Compulsion is an arcade-style color matching game that gives the player control over the difficulty curve. Converge on the wave that matches your color. Explode into a new color. Rinse. Repeat.

Don't stray too far, or you won't have time to make it back across the screen to your next wave. Stand around in the middle, and you just might get overrun with a speeding splash of clashing color. Dodge obstacles, collect power-ups, and blast your way to a high score!

Available now on PC, Linux, Mac, and Android. One purchase gets you all itch-distributed versions, always.

How to Play:

  • Keyboard: arrow keys to select menu buttons and move, space or enter to press menu buttons.
  • Mouse: click on menu buttons, move to move your cursor and character.
  • Touchscreen: same as mouse, but tap rather than click.
  • Gamepad: same as keyboard, but using the D-pad/analog sticks and face buttons.

As a note for the mouse and touch controls, your avatar chases the cursor/your finger, e.g. tap and hold the right side of the screen and you will move right.


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Android Package (.APK) 11 MB
Version 2.2.2
Windows Portable (.ZIP) 6 MB
Version 2.2.0
Windows Installer (.ZIP) 19 MB
Version 2.2.0
Linux Portable (.ZIP) 6 MB
Version 2.2.0
Mac OSX Portable (.ZIP) 11 MB
Version 2.2.0

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