Convergence Compulsion is an arcade-style color matching game that gives the player control over the difficulty curve. Converge on the wave that matches your color. Explode into a new color. Rinse. Repeat.

Don't stray too far, or you won't have time to make it back across the screen to your next wave. Stand around in the middle, and you just might get overrun with a speeding splash of clashing color. Dodge obstacles, collect power-ups, and blast your way to a high score!

Available now on PC, Linux, Mac, and Android. One purchase gets you all itch-distributed versions, always.

How to Play:

  • Keyboard: arrow keys to select menu buttons and move, space or enter to press menu buttons.
  • Mouse: click on menu buttons, move to move your cursor and character.
  • Touchscreen: same as mouse, but tap rather than click.
  • Gamepad: same as keyboard, but using the D-pad/analog sticks and face buttons.

As a note for the mouse and touch controls, your avatar chases the cursor/your finger, e.g. tap and hold the right side of the screen and you will move right.


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Android Package (.APK) 11 MB
Version 2.2.2
Windows Portable (.ZIP) 6 MB
Version 2.2.0
Windows Installer (.ZIP) 19 MB
Version 2.2.0
Linux Portable (.ZIP) 6 MB
Version 2.2.0
Mac OSX Portable (.ZIP) 11 MB
Version 2.2.0

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Hi, is there any way you could release a version for Linux that is 32bit? I tried the "Linux Portable" version on this page, but it's for 64bit machines only. :-(

I'd like to try your game on the ClockworkPi Gameshell ( The simple display and controls of your game might work really well on it. I've had success getting other Game Maker games running on it, but unfortunately it's a 32 bit Linux machine.(


Hey, thanks for reaching out. Sorry you ran into trouble with my game!

I must've made the VM I compiled on with a 64-bit OS. I'll see about a 32-bit VM build this weekend and try to get a patch up for it. I'm going to want to do this for my other games anyway.

I'll reply again here when I've uploaded it--or died trying.


Bad news, I'm afraid. Looks like GameMaker Studio 2 now only puts out 64-bit executables on Linux. Based on what info I found, it's been that way for a while, i.e. I can't find a runtime in my Preferences that is older than the change from 32 to 64. 

If you have any other info to help, I'll keep looking into it, but I don't know off-hand what next to try.

I was kinda pumped to know if it would work on the Clockwork, too. Sorry, bud.

Thanks for trying!

I actually stumbled onto your game through a windy path that *might* hold an additional clue. I got Undertale and some other games I owned via Humble Bundle working on the Gameshell using box86. The Gamemaker games have been a mixed bag (I believe some I tried failed because they were Steam games and had DRM), but the ones that have worked have worked really well (mostly DRM-free Humble Bundle stuff), assuming the display and controls lend themselves to the device.

During that effort, I discovered that someone manged to get Delta Rune running on Linux. Unfortunately it was only the 64bit version. But that's what led me to your game, because it turns out the runtime you included in your game works with the Delta Rune data files. Although I came here for the runtime, I realized your game was pretty clever, and could work well with the Gameshell display/controls. But the 64bit issue means neither game will work on Gameshell.

From the Delta Rune hacking thread:
"You'll need to obtain "YoYo Games Linux Runner V1.3" somehow. This is the binary needed for actually running the game. Luckily, you can legally get it for free from GameMaker games that have a free Linux release. The catch is that the game needs to be using exactly V1.3 of the runner, otherwise the runner simply will not run Deltarune at all. Compatible runners come from GameMaker runtime versions between to; note that IDE version is different from runtime version."

I'm not sure if that info helps, or what version of Gamemaker you have (or used) for Convergence Compulsion, but there's at least a remote chance that the earliest version(s) of Gamemaker listed here ( might have a 32bit version? I'm not sure when they dropped support for 32bit.

In any case, there are a lot of free/demo games on, so I'm thinking I might slowly work through them and try to find any that are 32bit and run. If they do, then I'll swap the runtime with the one for your game and see if I can get it to run. I've already done this a few times with games I had working, but I geuss I was unlucky and those runtimes didn't work. If I find one, I'll leave a comment here with a pointer to the compatible game. :-)

I ended up taking a look at some of the older runtimes, but I couldn't even get the game to compile with them anymore. Claims a "permissions" error which per a search of the internet has more to do with licensing than anything else. My guess is that they're basically blocked in the newer IDE versions for incompatibility or blocked altogether to prevent piracy of old version. 

And yeah, CC has a weird legacy being "the game you use to get Deltarune to run on Linux." I don't mind; I hope folks try CC and maybe even enjoy it, though. 

Thanks for all the info, and good luck getting more stuff running on your machine! Drop a line if you get any of my game going on it!